Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer has been equipping European militaries since the mid 19th Century. Fast forward to today and they are more relevant than ever as they now play a major role in outfitting the United State's military with their NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapons). Sig Sauer prides itself upon being innovative and they have done exactly that. The P365 changed the handgun market and has been paving the trail for all other manufacturers to follow. The P365 was special at its release due to its modularity, and capacity (surpassing the competition by 4 rounds per magazine). Since then we have the P365XL providing an even larger capacity count, and the P365X combining the P365 and it's big brother the P365XL giving the operator more concealability with the potential to carry 15 rounds. Sig also has dominated the duty sized handgun space with the P320 and its respected variations. This weapon platform rose to fame again due to the modularity of the weapon, and it doesn't hurt the US military dropped the Beretta after an extended tenure for the P320. The P320 has many variations, but one thing that the civilian market has grown to love are the P320 Legions giving the shooter a threaded barrel on one variation, as well as a Tungsten infused frame on the X5 models. However, Sig's dominance does not stop at handguns. The MCX is a proprietary weapon platform designed to be superior in close quarter combat situations. The MCX is offered in a variety of calibers from 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout, to even 9mm PCC configurations that have grown in popularity as a competition rifle in recent years. There is no doubt Sig makes a quality firearm, therefore it is evident that the optics Sig Sauer produced are held in the same regard. If you are stumbling finding a brand to get behind, you can always be confident with Sig Sauer. Online Outfitters are proud to carry every model of sig Sauer and maintain a huge selection of Sig guns for sale online.