Haydel’s Game Calls is family owned and operated, and is nationally recognized as a leader in the manufacture of the finest quality game calls. Haydel’s founder and his sons are national champion callers, and the majority of Haydel’s employees are both hunters and callers. The most impressive feature of a Haydel’s Game Call is its ability to “blow wet”. This original idea is a major factor in our tremendous success and growth. Eli Haydel loved hunting – and calling. In 1975, he began to enter calling contests, and became a champion caller. He was frustrated though, because when his duck or goose call got wet, the wood swelled and the call wouldn’t work right. Eli decided to eliminate this problem by making a call from non-porous material. Because Haydel’s employees have a genuine interest in hunters and hunting, Haydels is committed to keeping Haydel’s Game Calls a company that is “for hunters, by hunters”.